Product Description

This exfoliating scrub is made from coffee, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, cinnamon and cocoa powder. Nothing but pure goodness for your skin! Get your skin wet in the shower and take a small scoop of this scrub into your hand. Rub all over you body working in a circular motion concentrating on thighs and stomach especially. Leave to dry for approximately 5 minutes to allow all the ingredients to work their magic, then rinse!


1) If you have long hair, put it up to avoid getting coffee grinds in it. Even if you’re planning to wash your hair, the grins can be tough to get out.

2) Scrub before bed. If you do this right, your skin will be slightly red after all that action, so it’s best to do this when you’ve got some time to hang around the house.

3) To use on your face, rub in circular motions, let dry 5-10 minutes and rinse with a light cleanser to remove oils.

Approximately 140g