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Shauna worked previously as a research assistant in an immunology lab and has a background in Biotechnology. Her love of science translates well into the precise nature of handcrafting self-care and bath products allowing her to work from home and spend more time with her husband and two children.

Ladies Night Out Nov 1st at Sheridan Nurseries!

Sign_Christmas Ladies Night Out 2014_25


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Vendor Shows 2014!

It’s hard to believe that the 2014 holiday season is nearly upon us! We are scheduled to appear at the ladies night out shopping event on November 1st with all proceeds from admission sales going to the Children’s Wish Foundation and Upopolis. We will certainly be posting more information about this event as it becomes available to us!


The second event we are proud to be a part of is the handmade, homemade mama and chicks show November 28th 10am-5pm at the Quality Hotel in Oshawa. We did this event last year and had So.Much. Fun! We are really looking forward to being a part of this great show, especially now that the event organizer has officially changed the show layout to include as many local and hand made business as possible. Definitely mark November 28th into your calendar! Tickets are $5.00, but we’ll have several to give away for free closer to the event. Watch our facebook page for details about ticket giveaways and draws and check for other vendors and more information.


We hope to see you/ meet you during the holiday handmade shopping season this year!

*New information will be added as we figure out our show schedule.


<3 Shauna

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Vendor shows 2013!

After months of hard work it has been so much fun to be able to participate in some local vendor shows! I love meeting people and being able to talk about the products in person. These photos were taken by Meg Wilson of from the Mama’s and Chicks show on Friday November 22nd 2013. What do you think of our display?




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Supporting local businesses for the Holidays

I’ve always loved to give handmade gifts and support local businesses. Although I do have many talents, there are plenty of things I just cannot do, like sew, knit or crochet.  I’m more of an instant gratification person and less of the patient type, if you know what I’m saying. For me, the best part of supporting local businesses is that the owners are so accessible and more often than not you will receive excellent customer service. So if you, like myself, enjoy using your hard earned money to purchase directly from the manufacturer (be it a small business or a work-from-home entrepreneur) then I have a few great places you should check out!


First on the list is my sister store MamaCloth Boutique. Owner and operator Meg founded this company in November of 2012.  She is a Fashion Designer & Product Developer turned Stay-At-Home-Mama with an educational background & previous work experience in the Fashion Design/Production industry.  She makes a variety of awesome products that are earth friendly! While her primary focus is on reusable cloth menstrual pads, (which are amazing and I will certainly be doing a follow-up blog on why you should use cloth) she also carries a variety of products for kids including reusable snack bags, crocheted hats and toddler aprons! You can check out her website or find her on Facebook, she runs frequent contests and you just might be able to score yourself some awesome products for free.


Next on the list is Addie Gators Creations.  Owner and operator Danielle and I actually went to College together! She is mama of one sweet girl and one handsome boy and started her business in 2009 and joined forces with another mama Jacqueline […]

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How we created the Guinness Based Handcrafted soap

It’s no secret that the beauty industry is geared towards women. I have endless pins on Pinterest of ideas for new products and not many are for men. I have several close friends who love to buy handmade gifts for Christmas and the same question kept coming up, do you have anything for men? In truth, I do have a couple of things I would like to work on, like shaving cream and aftershave. But with limited time, space and money I’m not ready to jump into creating anything new until at least after the holidays!

I had seen beer soap being sold online and always thought it was an interesting idea, but more of a novelty. When I started researching the benefits of using a soap made with a stout beer, I was quite surprised by the information I came across! I know I’ve always enjoyed a good, cold beer, but who knew there were so many benefits to washing yourself with it? Brewer’s yeast is rich in elements, can increase skin elasticity and can help improve the symptoms of acne by suppressing the excessive secretion of sebum and killing off the bacteria that triggers acne!

I struggled a bit in coming up with a way to scent the soap and add some colour apart from the light brown colour the Guinness gave it without resorting to dyes and fragrances. But, although I haven’t personally tried it, I had read that many stouts pair well with chocolate. I decided to use cinnamon and cocoa powder to colour 1/3 of the soap base so that I could create a swirl in the bar and add some visual interest. Then I also added sweet orange and clove essential oils […]

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The beginning of Love Simply Made

Having my own business is something that I didn’t realize I wanted to do until it was already happening. The business began when I decided to make handmade Christmas presents for Christmas 2012. I had just given birth to our second child that October and with a newborn, a two year old and  having been off work since the previous June, money was quite tight. I had been working in a research lab for several years but decided not to renew my contract in June 2012 to spend a few months with our oldest son at home before his brother came along.

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. I have an advanced diploma in Biotechnology from Durham College and I’m a lover of all things science and hand-made. What better way to spend my time than running a small business that appeals to my interests?

But let’s rewind a little bit. By nature, I’m not usually the kind of person to take risks, I calculate the odds of success versus the effort and money put into it and more often than not, that’s enough to hold me back. Also, the fear of being judged, who wants to try something new and possibly fail? Not this girl. Well … not this girl until now.

I have convinced myself on several occasions during my life that trying something new is scary and silly, but now that I have two kids of my own, I’m starting to think that NOT trying something new is silly. So I made up some lip balms, body butter and bath bombs last Christmas and I gifted them to family and friends. One of whom, my sister in law, used to work for the company […]

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